Posted by: augsburgland | March 11, 2009

Creation vs. Evolution

A columnist, Carolyn Kennedy, wrote an article in the Eagle recently about her view of creation and evolution. I think it showed how far some people are willing to go to twist Scripture. It also demonstrated how people like Carolyn Kennedy (a United Church of Christ pastor) are embarrassed by the simple and clear teachings of Scripture.

I know. I know. Parts of the article, I’m sure, were meant to push people’s buttons. I am sure it succeeded in that regard. Beyond that, it really didn’t do much for anyone. The evolution teachers and creation teachers who read the article had to feel that their positions were equally misrepresented and left incomplete.

The creation-evolution debate is really an either-or proposition. Either you take by faith what God says concerning His world’s perfect beginning or you take by faith the evolutionist’s theory that all things develop by chance, where random mutation and natural selection mean that survival of the fittest wins. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t mash the two sides together and imagine you’ll have a great tasting hotdish. This concoction tastes bitter to both sides.

Christians believe that all the Bible is God’s Word and that it is God’s inspired truth from beginning to end. Christians believe God brought all things into existence by the power of his Word during six normal days.

Interestingly, I gave this newspaper article to my 7th and 8th graders in catechism class for their critique. They didn’t think it made much sense either. Let me know your thoughts.


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