Posted by: augsburgland | July 30, 2009

Christ’s Love, Our Calling

The 60th Biennial Convention of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod convened this week, beginning on Monday  (July 27) at Michigan Lutheran Seminary in Saginaw, MI. There’s a whole host of resources, documents, presentations, and videos including live streaming video during the sessions available at

The convention began with the address of WELS President Mark Schroeder.

How refreshing to hear Pres. Schroeder stress the importance of the theology of the cross as opposed to the theology of the glory in the life of the church, of realizing and being who we are–confessional Lutherans–as individuals, as congregations, and as a synod, and of not forgetting the lessons learned from the history not only of our synod, but of the Christian church over the centuries. At the same time, he takes a realistic view of our synod’s present situation, while providing a Christ-centered focus that brings a true optimism founded on God’s promises in Holy Scripture. I give thanks that God has provided such a faithful shepherd to lead our synod and I pray the Lord not only be with him, but with our beloved synod during these difficult times.

Watch the video of President Schroeder’s Presentation to the Synod in Convention.


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